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Landscape Design Consultation:
This consists of brain storming, problem solving horticulture advice, and quick plan sketches. There is a one hour minimum for this service. If you decide to go for a full design then this fee will be applied to that service.

Full Landscape Design:
The 3 step process: (in some cases it might be more then 3)

1)The initial meeting will be at your house and in your yard. We will discuss what your expectations of your garden are. We will talk about life style, design style, site problems, likes and dislikes, maintenance issues, budget and lots of important aspects on creating the optimal landscape for you and your family. This is a good time to show me pictures of what you like and to supply me with a plot plan if you have one. The more information you have for me, the better it is for the both of us. At that time I can give you a good estimate of my fee.

2) Preliminary Plan: This is the big picture. This is the concept plan that shows lawn areas, shrub beds, pathways, decks, patios, traffic flow, water features, etc. This is the stage of the design process where we make sure everything is to your liking before proceeding to the next step.

3) The Planting Plan: This shows the final plan with all shrubs, trees and ground covers in their proper places. Plants are selected based on your preferences, your garden style and site conditions. All plants are labeled by code, common name, botanical name and size and quantity.

Installation: For an additional fee I will take the job to bid, (I have had 28 years of experience doing this) oversee the site prep and layout all the plant material. I am working for you, the homeowner, and I will make sure you get what your are paying your contractor for!

Fees: My hourly fee is $75.00. A typical (averaged sized lot 8-12000 Sq Ft.) landscape run about $750.00

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